I've Never Hired a Band and I Have Some Questions?

 That's fine, fire away.

So why would I hire your band?

 Simply because we deliver what we promise. Many bands tell you how good they are, you hear amazing demos on flashy websites, but let's face it, anyone can buy a website, and anyone can make a demo sound half decent when given endless attempts to get it right in a home studio. What you get on the night may be wildly different though, and not in a good way!

Why are you so different?

 Look at the places we've performed at, and the fact that most of our work comes through repeat bookings or recommendations. You don't get a bookings diary like that unless you're getting something very right. You don't get invited to play at a festival for 5,000 people without earning it. The higher profile work that we've been privileged to be involved in hasn't come to us by luck. It's always from someone having seen us perform, and a recommendation is made. But we never know when those opportunities are going to come, so we give 100% every time we play.

 And not only that, we are regularly complimented on our professionalism. When you're organising a major function or event, the last thing you need is a bunch of musicians walking in with an armful of attitude, egos and problems. You can rely on us to arrive on time and deliver what we have promised, without adding to your stress levels for the day. And that's why we get booked on a regular basis in so many great venues.

Really? Like where?

 We've played at Belstead Brook, Trinity Park, Portman Road, Wantisden Valley, Butley Priory, Manor Farm Henley, Wood Hall Manor, Haughley Park Barn, Otley Hall, Wherstead Park, Lyndford Hall, Yaxley Hall, Orwell Elizabeth Felixstowe,  Dunstan Hall Norwich, Stoke By Nayland Golf Club, Holiday Inn Ipswich, Stower Grange Norwich, RHS Holbrook, Culford School Hall, Isaacs Ipswich, Hungarian Hall, Coventry Hilton, to list but a few!  

Ok... what do I get for my money?

 You'll get the full Talk Of The Town show, which is a 6 piece band of very experienced musicians. We'll arrive at your venue in time to be set up, sound checked, and out of your way before your event begins, if necessary. You'll get all the recorded music that you need for your evening, whether it's jazz or classical for the welcoming drinks, ambient music for dinner, a spot of motown to wake the evening up, or some dancefloor fillers to round off the night. No need to hire a separate disco with us, unless you really want to. You'll get a state of the art sound system, consisting of top of the range Yamaha, Bose, and Electro Voice units, a Yamaha 24 channel semi-digital mixing desk, all tailored for clarity rather than volume. You'll get a selection of modern lighting effects to fill the room, selected from Chauvet and KAM LED units, plus lasers, starcloth, moving heads, and silk flames. You'll get a dedicated sound engineer who will monitor the sound throughout the performance, both from behind the mixing desk and around the room, to ensure that the sound is as good as it should be all night. Plus, of course, you'll get the Talk Of The Town stage show, which will consist of one or two sets of great dance tunes, up to a maximum of 2 hours or a little over.

What do you mean, 'one or two sets'? Who decides how long you play?

 You do really, within certain criteria. Sometimes a single set of about 90 minutes works really well, we get everyone onto the dancefloor and we keep them there to the end. More than that though, and both band and dancers need a break. Or maybe you want to serve a buffet part way through the evening, in which case we could do a 45 minute first set, then a big finale second set of an hour and a quarter, which is probably what we would recommend. Either way, we will play for up to 2 hours (or a little over), you decide (with our advice) how you'd like the evening to run.

Up to what time?

 Midnight is our usual. You might think you want your party to go on to 3am, but experience tells us that most people who will dance to a live band are done by midnight. If you want your party on until 3am then feel free, but we suggest that you hire a disco to take the last few hours. Of course, if you want the band through to 12:30, then some dance music on to 1am then let us know and we can price accordingly, but any later than that and we'd suggest a disco to finish the evening.

We love our live music, can you play from 7pm until midnight?

 We probably could, but no, we won't. Some 'function bands' pride themselves on having a playlist into 3 figures and beyond, and we're happy to let them have the bookings that require that kind of performance. We don't play 'fillers', we play a sharp, well-chosen selection of well known songs, arranged with experience, performed with energy, aiming for as many people on the dancefloor as possible. We put on a show, and every song is chosen for it's impact. We know what works for us and for you, and we do it well.

What kind of music do you play?

 A broad mix of music, some 60s, a bit of 70s, some 80s, some modern day. There'll be some Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Amy Winehouse, Killers, Jessie J, and a wide range in between. We've played 6th form leavers balls and 60th birthday parties, and always had a full dancefloor and positive comments. We can't please everyone all of the time, but every one of your guests will like something that we do.

Ok... sounds good... so what would you need us to provide?

 Apart from the obvious, which is a room full of guests who want to dance, and for us to be paid!... our requirements are few. We are likely to be at your venue for between 6 and 9 hours, and may have travelled an hour or more to get there, so it is really appreciated if we can be provided with either sandwiches or some hot food (including a vegetarian option) and also some coffee and fruit juice, or other soft drinks. If a room can be provided for us to change and relax, this is also desirable. If these are impossible then please let us know and we can make other arrangements, otherwise we will take it that you are able to offer us this basic hospitality.

Is that it? No drugs or whiskey? You're musicians, won't you be getting drunk before you play?

 In a word, no! We haven't built up the reputation that we've earned by being unprofessional. You wouldn't expect your catering staff to drink before coming to work for you, nor your DJ, receptionist or waitress. If you feel inclined to leave a bottle of Jack Daniels in our room then we'll be very grateful, but it won't be opened before we play, nor before we drive home! Seriously, when we're on stage we're at work, and we'll be fully focussed.

Techical Requirements?

 We don't need a stage, though it's better if there is one, even if only 300mm or so high. We need a minimun of 3m deep by 5m wide to fit the band into. We need a minimum of 4 x individual 13amp power sockets (not a 4 way trailing socket) within 5m of the stage area, more if possible.

Ok, I'm convinced... what do I need to do to book you?

 Go to our bookings page and fill out our enquiry form. We will then contact you with a firm quote, once we've discussed your requirements. If you are happy with our quote, we will email you with a confirmation of what we've discussed, and ask for a deposit of £150 to secure your booking. The email will include details of how to pay your deposit, which will be either by cheque, or by bank transfer, your choice. Once your deposit is received we will post you a booking confirmation. The balance of the booking fee is payable in the same way no later than 14 days prior to your event date.

Good, I can do that. So bottom line, what's it going to cost me?

 Talk Of The Town's performance price is based on travel distance, size of venue, set up time, length of performance required, and finish time. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can then provide you with a confirmed quote.


'The Small Print!'

All event bookings are accepted on the following terms and conditions unless agreed otherwise in writing.

1) Your booking date will be secure when we have received your non-refundable deposit of £150.
2) The balance of your booking is to be paid no later than 14 days prior to your event date.
3) We will arrive at the venue around 2 hours before we are due to play. At this time we will require complete access to the stage area. If you need us to set up earlier than this we can usually accommodate this requirement, but please ensure that we are made aware of this prior to booking, as we may need to make an additional charge.
4) We will need one hour to take down our equipment and vacate after music finishes. Please ensure that your venue is aware of this
5) We assume that we can have vehicular access close to the venue doors, and that the stage area is within a reasonably short distance of those doors. Also that there are no stairs or lifts along that route. Also that there is suitable parking at the venue for up to four vehicles. Please inform us at time of booking if these assumptions are wrong in any way, otherwise we may need to make an additional charge.
6) We require a performance area of 3m deep x 5m wide as a minimum, whether on a stage or on the venue floor.
7) We require an adequate power supply, which must consist of at least 4 x individual 13 amp switched sockets within 5m of the stage area, preferably more. A 4 gang trailing socket is not acceptable.
8) We will appreciate use of a small room where we can relax and get changed. We also appreciate if you are able to provide us with a small selection of sandwiches or similar for 7 people, including a vegetarian option. Also to provide us with coffee and / or soft drinks. If this is not possible please let us know at time of booking and we will make other arrangements.
9) The band finish time is midnight at the latest, and recorded music will stop a maximum of 30 minutes later unless agreed otherwise at the time of booking.